About Us

Matrix is a competitive all-star cheerleading squad based in Crewe, Cheshire. The squad was set up to compete at local and international competitions. The squad continues to grow from strength to strength, competing all over the UK.

Matrix aims to build teamwork, self-confidence and a sense of pride for all athletes. We hope within the Matrix Cheer programme to build a positive atmosphere where athletes can learn to dance, stunt, cheer, tumble and improve fitness in a safe and supported environment. Matrix also promotes leadership within young people, helping them gain qualifications and responsibility within Matrix Cheer Squad.

The club is non for profit, with all funds being ploughed back into Matrix to enhance skills, provide training opportunities and invest in more equipment for our athletes

Leanne Palin – Head Coach
Leanne is a qualified USASF coach in Stunts, Tumbles and Tosses. She has gained the current highest level with the Legacy credentialling system.  She has an ICF Level 1 qualification with the UKCA, with a level 1 in Street Cheer. She is also qualified up to Masters Level with the BCA after passing Level 1 – Cheer & Dance Coaching Principles and Ethics, Level 2 – Coaching Cheer Fundamentals, Level 3 – Stunts and Tumbling 1 and Level 4 -Stunts and Tumbling 2, with the NCSSE. She also holds an Associate in Freestyle with the IDTA.
Leanne has also taken a course with Sports Coach UK in Good Practice and Child Protection

Ben Grice – Coach and Dance Choreographer 

As a former allstar cheerleader, Ben has 8 years of cheerleading experience. He also has experience with the Level 6 Unity Allstars program and the Level 5 team from Rising Stars and represented cheerleading to the highest level within the UK. Ben coaches the Senior cheerleading team and is responsible for most of the dance choreography within the squad. He is a qualified to USASF standard in stunts, tumbles and tosses. He is also developing our athletes within dance and tumbles.

Kirstie Orr –  Cheer and Tumble Coach
Kirstie is also an active member of the Senior squad and coaches the  Junior 1 squad. She is qualified to USASF standard in stunts, tumbles and tosses and has extensive stunting knowledge. She is developing our younger athletes within tumbling and is a qualified first aider.

Ashleigh Carless – Cheer and Dance Coach

Ash is cheer and dance coach for our youth team. She has had five years experience in coaching  and is qualified to USASF standard. She has experience in both cheer and dance and has coached hiphop to championship level at regionals and at national level standard.

Ashleigh Smith – Assistant Cheer and Tumble Coach

Ash is an assistant cheer coach for the team. She is also an active member of the senior squad. Ash is also a qualified Sports  Therapist and first aid trained

Matrix also has many athletes that are showing great leadership qualities that help younger squad members and make a big contribution to the squad. Matrix encourages ‘in-house’ training and has sourced grants to help enhance the skills and qualifications of its coaches

Rhianna Gayle, Kamila Kucinska are very active within our tiny, mini and community squads and are helping to develop our younger members into strong, skilled cheerleaders in their role as volunteer assistant coaches 

Rebecca Taylor, Lucy Preston and Erin Shorrock are working within the program as volunteer leaders. They are showing fantastic early coaching skills in cheer and tumble